Dental clinic “BUNAYA” was created with the main goal to meet the need for professional treatment of the Bulgarian patient. This, what we offer is not “comprehensive service” from one dentist.

Our therapy, orthopedics and aesthetic dentistry, surgery, pediatric dentistry and orthodontics specialists work in a team in solving each individual clinical case, which is the basis of proper diagnosis and application of optimal treatment. Because the greatest reward for us is a satisfied patient, who recommends us to his friends.

The team

Dr. Adrian Manolov


Specialist in the field of implantology, periodontology and aesthetic restorations

Dr. Kalina Apostolova

Specialist in the field of microscopic endodontics , direct restorations and aesthetics.

Dr. Marina Manolova

Interests in the field of periodontology and work with children

Dr. Lilyana Dimitrova
Dr. Lilyana Dimitrova

Specialist – dental, oral and facial- maxillofacial surgery

Dr. Emil Klein

Specialist – oral surgeon

Dr. Bogoslav Dimitrov

Microscopic endodontics


Pediatric dentistry

Caring for children's dental health is one of the main priorities of a dental clinic "BUNAYA"...

Microscopic endodontics

Endodontics deals with the treatment of tooth canals. When due to caries, the infection has reached the pulp of the tooth. The use of a microscope in the treatment allows us extremely precise treatment of the canals.

Aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry is the art, which allows our patients to have the freedom and confidence to smile..

Teeth Whitening

This is the most common and affordable aesthetic procedure with amazing effect. Bleaching can be done in two ways..


IMPLANTOLOGY is the fastest growing dental discipline. In most cases ...


It mainly includes the treatment of primary dental diseases. According to recent research, caries is a contagious disease..


ORTHODONTICS is a more specific part of dentistry. Despite popular belief, that the goal is just “straightening crooked teeth" because of the aesthetics ...


Orthopedics and Implantology. These are two disciplines in dentistry, whose main purpose is to restore to the fullest extent the defects that have already occurred..


Periodontology deals with diseases of the gums and tissues, which surround and support the teeth ...


This is probably the most important part of dentistry and medicine in general. It is much better to prevent a disease, than to treat one that has already arisen.


SURGERY, if we paraphrase Stalin - "no tooth - no problem". This is the easy solution, but absolutely unacceptable for our practice ...

Aesthetic dermatology

The soft tissue around the mouth is just as important, as well as well-made white teeth, to get an attractive smile.

Panoramic X-ray

We have at our disposal, an X-ray for "small" intraoral images, and also a brand new panoramic X-ray, which repeatedly facilitates diagnosis, saving both team time, and patients'.


Dear patients,

From 11.05.2020. we are waiting for you at the new address of the clinic:                                      St. Bunaya No. 14



Dental clinic“BUNAYA” was created with the main goal to meet the need for professional treatment of the Bulgarian patient. This, what we offer is not “comprehensive service” from



Work time:
Monday to Thursday: 8:30 – 19:30
Friday 8:30-16.00
Saturday and Sunday – holidays

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