SURGERY, if we paraphrase Stalin – “no tooth – no problem”. This is the easy solution, but absolutely unacceptable for our practice. Extraction (extraction) of tooth is taken only in cases, when all other treatment options are exhausted or the general condition of the body is endangered.

Each tooth has its own meaning and role for the patient's health. Tooth does not “take out, because he is a sage or has no use for it”. Of course, there are cases, when the only possible treatment is surgery. Many diseases are asymptomatic or with mild symptoms, which is not taken seriously by the patient and in their accidental detection or aggravation conservative therapy is not applicable. These could be cysts of different origins, chronic granulomas, fistulas and others, which do not cause much discomfort to the patient, but they are actually serious diseases.

A number of manipulations are performed in the clinic, subject of oral surgery:

• extraction of a retained tooth

• removal of cysts

• surgical preparation for orthodontic treatment

• surgical preparation for prosthetic treatment

• closing communication with the maxillary sinus

• lifting the floor of the maxillary sinus – sinuslift

• circumcision

Most of the interventions are performed with a high energy diode LASER, whose advantages are faster and painless healing, greater accuracy, less trauma and greater psychological comfort.

However, one of the main goals of surgical treatment is to preserve the tooth for as long as possible, because despite all the modern technology and experience, which we have, we could never create anything, which is at least close to the perfection of nature.

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