It mainly includes the treatment of primary dental diseases. According to recent research, caries is a contagious disease, which affects 98% of the population of the Earth. In case of untimely prophylaxis and treatment or inadequate follow-up of the result, caries can lead to very serious complications, which in many cases end in tooth loss with all, consequent consequences.

It begins with demineralization and subsequent decay of hard dental tissues.

Prevention and early diagnosis

In our clinic we rely on the regular prevention and early diagnosis for caries, which is performed using X-rays and tests for caries. The treatment of caries is completely painless, thanks to modern technology and modern methods, which we use.

Our goal is not to kill the tooth, to make us calmer ”, but to keep him alive, as nature created it. Methods of treatment and prevention of the clinic “BUNAYA” are in line with the latest trends in modern dentistry.

Prevention begins as early as the 4th month of pregnancy with oral preparations Zumafour, in order to strengthen the enamel of future teeth.


Children are monitored periodically

  • Fluoride prophylaxis – continues around 12-14 years.


In adults, prevention includes regular check-ups

  • reminalizing therapy
  • minimally invasive therapy

Reminalizing therapy

This type of therapy is an intervention only on the tooth tissue affected by caries, without affecting healthy tooth structures in any way. This allows most of the defects to be repaired with photopolymer materials, which in turn are bioactive, releasing in most cases fluoride and prevent recurrence of caries. For larger damage, "fillings" are used ceramics or zirconium, thus avoiding complete filing, needed to place a crown.

Accurate anatomical modeling of tooth surfaces is very important in tooth restoration, as the goal is to establish optimal contacts with other teeth for proper functioning of the masticatory apparatus. This process is performed by multi-layer application of different types of polymer, in addition to an excellent function, a high level of aesthetics is achieved.

Minimally invasive therapy

LASER treatment of sensitive teeth: areas of the tooth, which are sensitive to cold, warm, sweet, when touched or washed they can be removed painlessly immediately with a high energy LASER, which we have at dental clinic “BUNAYA”.

Frequently Asked Questions

At what interval of time are the preventive examinations performed??

The optimal term is 4-6 months, as in dental clinic "BUNAYA" in case of longer treatment we also do intermediate examinations.

What is zirconium and ceramic "filling"?

Product of CAD-CAM technology, designed to maximize the preservation of dental tissues, especially in severely damaged, but vital teeth.

Can any caries be treated with anesthesia?

Yes, and it is also obligatory with us.

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