Orthopedics and Implantology. These are two disciplines in dentistry, whose main purpose is to restore, to the fullest extent, already existing defects in the dentition, chewing function and, of course, aesthetics.
A person with missing teeth could be, no doubt, very charming, but perhaps only for those closest to you! The possibilities for restoring missing teeth are really numerous. With a view to the most complete restoration of function and aesthetics, each case is analyzed and planned strictly individually. There are no universal solutions here.

Restoration of defects from missing teeth


Thresholdless crowns are an old technology, which does not allow accuracy in the manufacture and adaptation to the tooth. That's why they injure the gums, retain food residues, create preconditions for periodontal inflammation, caries occurs and can eventually lead to tooth decay and loss.


At the threshold crowns, a "step" is prepared around 1 mm, where the crown lies exactly and merges with the contour of the tooth. This avoids trauma to the gums, which can lead to periodontal inflammation.

Materials for making crowns

Depending on the material, from which the crowns are made can be:

metal-ceramic crowns – Traditional metal-ceramic crowns are gradually giving way to more bio-tolerant and aesthetically pleasing metal-free crowns.

ceramic crowns, crowns with zirconium skeleton and ceramic coating and entirely zirconium crowns – Zirconium has exceptional strength and in combination with ceramics an extremely good combination of strength and aesthetics is achieved..

CAD-CAM – The high accuracy of zirconium crowns and skeletons is achieved with CAD-CAM technology, with which the clinic successfully works


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is CAD-CAM?

CAD - Computer - Aided Design
CAM - Computer - Aided Manufacturing Technology, in which crowns and bridges are made, by computer-guided milling of the material, according to the original computer design.

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