Pediatric dentistry

Caring for children's dental health is one of the main priorities of a dental clinic “BUNAYA”. As with other diseases, the main thing here is early prevention. Your child's first visit to the pediatric dentist should take place soon after the first few teeth have erupted. At home, children's teeth should be regularly monitored, especially on the inside for darkening or formation of whitish spots, and at the slightest suspicion of something abnormal, consult your dentist.. Temporary teeth are of great importance for the proper development of the jaws and permanent teeth, therefore, the destruction or loss of one of them should not be taken lightly and the excuse “it is temporary and another will grow”. They, figuratively speaking, "are leading” permanent teeth, so that they break through on time and in the right place.

Should the baby teeth be extracted??

Milk teeth are extracted, when severely shaken or destroyed, the eruption of the permanent tooth has started or on the recommendation of the orthodontist. In case, when premature tooth extraction is required, a placeholder must be installed, to provide a place for the permanent.

First visit of a child to the clinic.

Very often at the first visit of a child to dental clinic "BUNAYA" no manipulations are performed. The little patient meets the doctor, the unusual setting, receives a gift. Parents are advised what their behavior should be during treatment, so that in the future the child can visit the dentist without worries.


on the crown
Breakthrough Completion of root development Resorption
at the root
Tooth Age Temporary teeth  To 2 years after the breakthrough  
1  2 months  6 - 8 months  ------  1-2 years after the completion of root development
2  4 months  8 - 12 months  ------  
4  6 months 12 - 16 months  ------  
3  9 months 16 - 20 months  ------  
5  11 months 20 - 30 months  ------  
    Permanent teeth    
6  3 years  6 years  3 - 4 years after the breakthrough  
1  4 years  6 years  ------  
2  4 years  7 years  ------  
4  6 years  8 years  ------  
3  7 years  9 years  ------  
3  7 years 10 years  ------  
7  9 years 11 years  ------  

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