Periodontology deals with diseases of the gums and tissues, which surround and support the teeth.
Microorganisms are the main cause of periodontitis, found in dental plaque and calculus. That's why in a clinic “BUNAYA” we have created a program “PERIODONTAL PROPHYLAXIS“.


The aim of the program is to optimally organize the treatment of such a socially significant disease as “periodontal disease” (the more accurate name is periodontitis), from which they suffer 89% of the population of the Earth. The most important thing in the program is ensuring regular professional teeth cleaning, controlling the achieved result over a certain period of time, including conducting laboratory tests (x-ray diagnostics, microbiology etc.).

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should tartar and plaque be cleaned??

The plaque is cleaned daily by brushing the teeth. Because the brush can't reach under the gum, plaque builds up there, which eventually turns into tartar. Its cleaning should be done prophylactically 4-6 month or on an individual plan, when treatment of an already started periodontal disease is carried out.

What is a periodontal pocket?

When the plaque is not effectively removed, it turns into tartar, which accumulates under the gums and along the roots of the teeth, causing the formation of so-called pockets. They are osseous and gingival and represent receding of the gum and melting of the bone around the tooth.

What are the symptoms of periodontitis??

Bleeding gums when brushing or touching, shaking and shifting of the teeth, bad breath, pain when chewing, etc. These symptoms can also affect only one tooth. With adequate and timely treatment and regular prophylaxis, these processes are completely curable. When only the gums are affected, it is called gingivitis, and when the surrounding tissues are involved, especially the bone - periodontitis. As the process progresses, the gums swell and bleed even with a light touch. Pockets deepen, destroying gums and bone. The teeth become loose and may fall out at some point.

Factors, which favor periodontitis are:

• a person's individual sensitivity to bacteria, which can be increased by certain diseases such as diabetes, AIDS or taking medication
• pathologically changed saliva composition
• smoking
• stress
• caries complications
• poorly made prosthetic structures and obturation (seals)

How to clean tartar?

In dental clinic "BUNAYA" we have modern ultrasonic scalers, with which tartar is cleaned painlessly and effectively, as well as devices with fine abrasive particles (AQUA CARE), which penetrate to areas under the gumline inaccessible to the brush to remove plaque. It is best to start the treatment in the initial phase of periodontal inflammation with the removal of dental plaque and calculus using an ultrasound device. In more severe cases, a detailed treatment plan is drawn up with additional tests (X-ray, microbiological degradation), on the basis of which further medical or surgical therapy is specified. The main goals of treatment are: • establishing and eliminating the cause of the disease • stop inflammation and bone loss • restoration of functional and aesthetic defects
After the end of the therapy, a scheme is drawn up for prevention and maintenance of the achieved results.

My gums always bleed, when I brush my teeth. Should I consult a dentist??

Yes, bleeding is a sign of the onset of even mild inflammation, which is better to be cured in initial phase, before complications occurred.

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