Endodontics deals with the treatment of tooth canals. When due to caries, injuries or other damage, the nerves and blood vessels of the tooth become infected or injured in most cases they must be removed and the canals, in which they are located, to be treated and filled hermetically to the very top. The aim is to prevent the entry of microorganisms and the occurrence of abscesses and others.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it is necessary to devitalize the tooth?

The symptoms are pain - spontaneous, when pressed or while chewing, edema. The pain may be constant or intermittent, increasing in the evening. Sometimes the symptoms combine, or they may be completely absent. Additional tests should be performed to confirm the need for root canal treatment: x-ray, EOD etc..

Is there pain during treatment?

The treatment in dental clinic "BUNAYA" is performed under local anesthesia in complete comfort for the patient. In the first few days after treatment, the tooth may have increased sensitivity, which rapidly decreases and disappears. In case, that it lasts for a longer period of time or pain occurs, the patient should consult the doctor, conducted the treatment.

When root canal retreatment is required?

Untreated or poorly treated root canals can cause serious inflammation with granuloma formation., bone melting, etc., to affect the general condition of the body. Therefore, it is important in such cases to heal the entire root system, especially if a crown is to be placed, the tooth will be part of a large prosthetic structure or if an implant will be placed next to it.

Darkening of the tooth after "devitalization".

Each tooth more or less changes color and loses its luster after root canal treatment. Some old methods give gray or dark red colors. This problem is solved by applying modern techniques for internal and external whitening.

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